Wednesday, April 4

The next India

Obviously I think it's cool and unique that if there's a Kenyan running a marathon, you pretty much expect the Kenyan to win. If there are lots of Kenyans running, you wonder which Kenyan will win. But athletics is just sport.

Today in the New York Times, there's a fascinating
column by Thomas Friedman about a small economic boom in Kenya. I know the Times jealously guards things behind their Times Select barrier but I'll share a small excerpt.
...Kenya’s economy grew 6 percent last year. Yes, Kenya still has all the ills of other African states — from AIDS to abject poverty. But Kenya also now has a democratically elected government that is learning to get out of the way of Kenya’s entrepreneurs and to get them the bandwidth they need to compete globally. It’s way too early to declare Kenya an economic “African Tiger,” but something is stirring here that bears watching — and KenCall is emblematic of it.


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