Saturday, February 10


Shockingly, I continue to have nothing substantial to say on the topic of foot doctors. Another friend of mine will be off to see a physical therapist next week about her hip, but she plans to ask about her foot as well. Evidently she has the same problem that I had, only a different tendon is tearing away from the bone.

What I do have something to say about is the UN-titled Dance Co., who I saw at Unknown Theater in Los Angeles last night, performing "30 Seconds Til Left Field," a work which has been called "Contemporary Hip Hop Ballet," and is billed as a combination of "true art, a multitude of dance styles, intense theatrics, and three critically acclaimed Hip Hop Choreographers."

The descriptions in the program hardly begin to describe what you see when you go, although I won't do much better here. The dancers are extremely talented, and evening's program contains a variety of dance styles as well as groupings of dancers, from a short solo number of a man dancing with a broom, to a graceful group of women in beige leotards incorporating more elements of ballet, to a solo homage to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood (of a sort), to big group numbers that comment on being stuck in boxes or on direction, some pieces were almost a 1930's style, some contemporary, most running the gamut--I would occasionally recognize a move from either a dance I know, or from breakdancing, or from capoeira, or from tap or jazz or ballet, but overall the melange, simply put, worked.


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