Friday, December 29

Training Log

Well, I looked through my training log today. It's not so bad as I thought.

It's nice to go back and look over an accounting of the year and of the past few months. It's nice to remember that on this day I ran a 10K, the next day I ran 18 miles. I can look at the calendar and realize the next couple of days took some time for recovery and maybe I didn't appreciate it so much at the time.

I can think about how sometime in August I had a strange injury develop on my left foot that I don't quite understand yet. But still I've been able to run and run miles and miles. Well over 400 miles since then. Close to 500.

And in two weeks and one day, I dance with the beast again. The marathon. 26.2 miles.

I'm not as well-trained as I'd like to be but I'm well-trained to do what I've been dreaming of. Now, it's basically just time for mental preparation and a little bit more running to get me there. I'm definitely excited.


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