Thursday, December 28

I'm a marathoner

I just watched that slideshow. Really powerful stuff.

It’s strange. My second marathon is less than three weeks away. I feel so different today than I did a little over six months ago.

I can’t completely put my finger on it. I’ve been battling nagging injuries. I’ve been struggling socially and in some ways struggling at work. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t fit in. Like I’ve lost something I can’t get back. Time, basically. Where does it all go and why am I here?

Ah, so I look at 2007 and I feel lost. I feel a bit out of shape. I think about my time goals for the race and I don’t know if I can make it. I don’t know how I should feel about not being faster, not having better form. Not being stronger mentally.

Well, enough of this self-doubt. I am a marathoner. I’ve finished one and I should be able to finish another. I’ve run 20 miles about four times in the last four months. I’m a warrior.

I need to go work on my swagger now.


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