Sunday, November 26

Pain is weakness leaving the body

I did 20 miles today. Never know what's going to happen when you decide to run 20 miles. Or run and walk 20 miles as happened today.

Near the end of the run, a young girl passed me. She was wearing a Willard High School track shirt so I think it's safe to assume she's in high school. And based on how she passed my twice quickly around the 3 mile marker, she was probably only doing 6 miles.

So I was able to read that witty saying on the back of her shirt: Pain is weakness leaving the body.

That became my mantra for a few minutes as I followed her and the woman riding the bicycle next to her. Yeah, I felt pain today. Weakness leaving the body. I thought about how in a marathon, you truly get what you train for.

20 miles this weekend.
The St. Jude Half Marathon next weekend. Patron saint of hopeless causes and a reminder that I'm not so bad off after all.
18 miles the next weekend. 18 hard, tough miles.
My brother gets married the following weekend.
The Christmas holiday the next weekend and I'll be in northern Indiana, trying to decide if I can carve out a good 3 hour run in a very cold place.
And then the following weekend, hopefully I'll fit in one last 20 mile run.
And then the taper.

That's my plan. We'll see if I can stick to it.

I saw a t-shirt yesterday at breakfast that was going through my head for a while.

For those about to rock, we salute you.

Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon - Jan. 14, 2007


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