Monday, March 20

First Day of Spring

Well, it's the first day of spring. It's the feast day of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It's 37 degrees outside. That's probably a few degrees warmer than it was when I went to the Y an hour and a half ago.

Not that I'm complaining about the weather. (I'm sure it's colder up north.) No, I don't want to complain about anything.

I woke up today with a strong desire to just hit the snooze button and roll over a few times. But I didn't. I went to the Y and got a decent workout in. Three miles on the treadmill. And they felt like three tough miles. It was the first run since the 15 miles on Saturday. I don't think I pushed myself too hard, but I could have gone a little easier on myself.

Oh well. Live and learn. Always a chance for renewal, eh?


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