Sunday, February 19

Little Rock weather

Well, the countdown to Little Rock continues.

I'm getting pretty excited. Today I ran four hard miles on the treadmill all at a pretty fast pace.

I would have run outside but it was icy. Note, I said icy. I don't mind the cold so much (sub 20 degrees temperatures today), but I was a little concerned about slipping and falling. I slipped a little bit on my short walk to the Y.

I'm hoping the weather in Little Rock is warmer in two weeks. It's a mini-vacation and so I'm hoping it's nice and relaxing. Today in Little Rock, according to the weather channel, the high was 25. The 10-day forecast says it should be a high of 60 on Feb. 28 and a low of 43. That might be warm enough to run in just shorts and a t-shirt. A long-sleeve t-shirt if nothing else.

If nothing else, I hope the roads are clear for a smooth drive down there.


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