Saturday, February 18

The body you want

This morning I was flipping through an old Runner's World magazine when I came across an ad for some treadmill-like conraption. It said "Get the body you want - in half the time."

I went to the Y a little later and spent an hour on an elliptical trainer machine. I spent quite a bit of time thinking about that ad.

The body I want.

What in the world would that be? I know when I was younger, maybe there was a certain body I wanted. I lifted weights, ate lots of double whoppers (extra tomatos and extra onions) but never quite made it. Even when I gained weight nobody noticed. Maybe I should have moved to San Diego so I could go to the beach and take off my shirt.

Anyway, now, in the last seven months or so, I've lost 30 pounds or so and the weight is still coming off. But does that mean I'll have the body I want? I hate to say that seems like a vain goal and I'm above such things.

But really, I'm not into the whole lifting weights to get ripped or get huge. It's my belief that form follows function. And the function I'm working towards is running 26.2 miles on June 3.


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