Friday, December 14


Earlier this week, I was in the locker room at the Y.

This old guy near me starts talking. He'd bought some new shoes but they weren't any good. The shoes were supposed to make him run fast but the shoes he had 20 years ago or so were much better. Those shoes were faster. These new shoes he got weren't worth the money he paid.

How do you respond to something like that? Perhaps I grunted.

A little bit later, he said he certainly disproved the theory that working out makes you feel better.

It was a strange day.

So far this week, I've run 24 miles. Not much, but it's an improvement over what I've done lately. I want to run 12 miles tomorrow. I have a route I haven't done in a while that I enjoy. Basically three miles south to the Greenway and follow that along to Nathaniel Greene Park, circle the lake and come back home.

They said it might snow tonight and I'm hoping for a snowy run. I might even break out my trail shoes. But I'll believe it's going to snow when I see the ground covered in whiteness.


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