Saturday, October 13

First post-marathon run

Well, today I ran three miles. And I went to the grocery store. I should have gone to the grocery store a long time ago. I was running on empty.
Still, it was a pretty good run, besides dodging spider webs and low hanging tree branches. Still, I prefer that to dodging cars and giving the finger to people who honk at me.
Today's run was at the Sac River Trails, one of my favorite places to go and as far as I know the closest unpaved trails to my apartment.
MS and I are planning to run next weekend (eight days from this moment in which I am typing) at Busiek State Forest. Would you like to join us? It will be a great hilly workout and the unpaved trails will work the obliques and stabilizer muscles a bit too.
By the way, congrats to everybody who took on the Sunshine Run.


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