Wednesday, October 24

Double Trouble

I should run on the double ... I think I'm in trouble -- Lindsay Buckingham, Trouble

Aw, wow. I (rslight) am gone a week and we've got photos and cartoons I've never heard of filling this place. Cool.

I had fun at the Double Trouble races Saturday at beautiful Lake Grapevine in Texas. The slightly cold weather felt great as I finished the 5K with a decent time of 23:40. Unfortunately, a guy named Jimbo got my third-place age group medal by finishing less than 30 seconds ahead.
During the subsequent 10K, I was in close competition with 31-year-old Pam Neven, who is evidently a much loved Lake Grapevine runner. She and other female runners kept exchanging compliments on the course turnaround.
I fell a bit behind her on some hills around mile 3, but caught up when the terrain flattened. Some spectators started cheering for Pam to outrun me as we approached the finish chutes, and she did. I suppose that's the power of crowd support. However, I got a new 10K PR of 51:38.

On Sunday I ran a third weekend race called Waterworks 5K in Dallas, Texas. It went around White Rock Lake, which is even more gorgeous than Lake Grapevine.
There was a huge turnout and it was tough to get off to a fast start (imagine Springfield's Sunshine Run crowd starting on a path about the size of Sequiota Park's). There was a 25K going on at the same time, and most runners were doing that as a warm-up to the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I took it easy and finished in 26:36 (still good enough for a second-place age group medal).
My great-grandfather once lived by White Rock Lake and had a sailboat there. It was a great thrill to run in the park where he used to sail. I can barely wait to do the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon in December.


Blogger bl said...

You've really come a long way in one year as a runner.

I read your posts and feel like such a slacker.

Your prs have pretty much surpassed mine at this point, I think. Pretty inspiring and challenging also.

October 24, 2007 9:46 PM  
Blogger Pamcakes said...

you feel just like a rockstar when you are in someone elses blog! Thanks for the nice props about the race. I had a great run out there doing the 5K then the 10K. It was great finishing up with you. See ya @ the races!

March 03, 2008 1:34 PM  

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