Tuesday, October 2

Thing called life

Interesing column by Richard Cohen in The Washington Post today about the collossal collapse of the New York Mets.

Here's an excerpt:
What was happening to the Mets was called life, and it was good that kids were watching. They could learn from it. Victory teaches nothing. Defeat teaches everything.

I am no longer a fan of any team in any sport. The fan is a fool, a sucker, as much a mark as a drunk who flashes cash in a bar. The fan loves the team, but the team does not love him. The team merely loves the fan's money and when the time comes, it will roll up trucks to the ballpark and take off for another city in the middle of the night. A coldhearted lover will sometimes leave a note. A team never will.

Just as long as there's never any football team called the New England Steelers or the Miami Steelers or the Golden State Steelers or anything like that. I have faith that that won't happen.


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