Tuesday, September 25

Track splits

As posted previously, my 10K race on Saturday was a bit disappointing. It's never fun to feel like you're running in slow motion.

But I had a track workout that was good today. There was one thing bad about it. Just as I was getting to the track, I rolled my ankle. I was running and the sidewalk dropped off and, well, I did some icing tonight.

Enough about that. Let's talk about speed.

So tonight's workout was 4 400s with 400 rest followed by 10 minutes of easy jogging followed by 4 200s followed by 200 rest and recovery.

My splits for the 400s: 1:26 1:31 1:30 1:35.

Not bad if I do say so myself. I'd prefer the last one had been a little faster and I know that's mostly mental. On the 200s I had a different problem and it wasn't mental. Maybe it was partly mental. You see I lost my mind on the first 200.

Here are the 200 splits: 0:32 0:40 0:41 0:39.

The consistency of the last three would be admirable if I was running hard. But I don't really think I was. I was still recovering from the first 200 where, as I said previously, I lost my mind. I finished right beside two people in that first one who ran three more 200s in basically the same time as the first one. Meanwhile, well, I think I've caught my breath now.

Anyhow, the ideal workout would be to run each interval in the same pace. But I did also have a lot of fun tonight.

And isn't having fun what it's all about.

It reminds me how training can be a drag sometimes, but when you get to race day, there's all the hooplah.


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