Saturday, October 6

The marathon is tomorrow

Well, the marathon is tomorrow. I'm feeling good, a little nervous. It's hot here, hot for Minnesota in October. No matter, I'm excited. Here's a quote from the race website:

We're expecting warmer than usual temperatures and more humidity on Sunday. Risk to runners does increase with warmer weather. Plan to adjust your pace. The humidity and heat will require more of your body so a slower than planned pace is recommended in order to get you to the finish line without overheating.
Pay attention to hydration. Drink if you're thirsty but be aware of over-hydration. If you haven't been feeling well or have been ill in the last week, don't start the race. Seek medical personnel in orange vests along the course and at the finish if you are concerned or are experiencing difficulty.

I'd kind of enjoy a four-hour rainstorm, but we'll see how it goes. You get to this point with a certain amount of determination. Also, a certain amount of happiness just to have made it this far.


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