Monday, October 22

different orange glow

Sun rising over the hill this morning:

You can see some normal-ish sky up north.

I've been checking this website to keep tabs on the fire. They say it's about 5% contained now, although the wind is supposed to pick up a little today.

Wadding the paper towels into the cracks around my bedroom window was a fantastic idea--when I came out of my room this morning, the rest of the apartment smelled like smoke. A brighter idea would have been to have gone ahead and sealed off the rest of the apartment, but I was feeling so sick by then that I didn't want to. My room does, unfortunately, smell rather like my basket of dirty laundry... and I did work out a lot last week. :P

[EDIT: Sorry, I meant to post this somewhere else. But here you can see the pictures of why I'm skipping my run this morning. It'd be like cramming six months of smoking into one day.]


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