Wednesday, August 15


It's 100 degrees at 5:45. Yesterday, at this time I did 10 quarters at the track with 400 meter rest. It went fairly well, especially since I haven't done much trackwork.

But man, 100 degrees. It's crazy hot. When am I going to get a run in. For the duration of this heatwave, I've got to get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier and perhaps run later too. Or run inside.

I don't know.

Strange thing about yesterday's track session. It was just as hot, but once we started running, it wasn't that bad. Go figure.


Blogger R said...

Well, it's only 86 degrees here, but I've been miserable all day... the work I need to be doing, I need my computer and the internet to do... but my wireless card isn't working. So I have to stay at home. Where it's hot, hot, hot. Extra fun, of course, is that I didn't do enough laundry last weekend, and somehow, no shorts were washed. Long pants are so heavy and hot.

I'm probably just sensitive because I spent so much time helping KWK move yesterday--hauling box after box down from the fourth floor. I thought that the weightlifting, hills, and sprints were really strengthening me... but no. Nothing like what manual labor for hours upon hours does to you.

August 16, 2007 5:41 PM  

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