Sunday, November 12

More on Lance

I just read a fairly interesting story from the St. Paul Pioneer Press on what a couple of Minnesota ultramarathoners think about Lance Armstrong's statement that the marathon was the toughest physical thing he'd ever done.

It's an OK column, nothing spectacular. Here's the best excerpt:

In fact, Armstrong said the difficulty of running 26.2 miles was worse than his toughest day in the mountains during the Tour de France.

Hard to believe, but here's one reason: At a pace of about 6:52 a mile, the marathon is a beast.

Another: The marathon is a beast at any pace.

The article also mentions how one runner had a stress fracture that almost forced her to drop out of the Twin Cities Marathon. Stress fracture? Could that be what my nagging foot injury is? Will I find out at tomorrow's doctor's appointment? For some reason, I doubt it. But we'll see.


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