Thursday, November 9

Passion vs. discipline

What have I been thinking about lately? Passion vs. discipline.

It's somewhat related to my job and the job of any person who is in the public eye.

This story in the LA Times explores the issues a bit in its own way. It's about UCLA football coach Karl Dorrell.

Some fans say he doesn't show enough emotion. This puzzles him and it puzzles me.

It puzzles his wife. She said: "I don't see him as dull and boring. I see him doing his job."

It puzzles friends. Another quote from the story: "If UCLA was winning national championships, people would look at Karl Dorrell as this extremely disciplined, poised coach," says Michael Young, a supporter and former college teammate. "But when you're not winning, it looks like you don't care."

Another quote from his wife: "He doesn't need to show off to anyone," she says. "He just goes about his business."

I guess part of my job is showing off, although I don't think it has to be. I think vision should be a big part. Showing people things they wouldn't see otherwise. I don't want to be like Molly Ivins or Ann Coulter. I don't want to scream that people who disagree with me are crazy. I don't think that's a good way to go about things.


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