Monday, April 16

I love the hill

I love hills. But to really love hills, it helps to train regularly on hills. That's something I've been trying to do more and more regularly. Tonight I headed out to the Sac River Trails where there's a mini-monster of a hill that I'm developing a relationship with.

A little over a week ago I sprinted up this hill and halfway up I saw a tree with a yellow ribbon on it. I looked at my watch and it took a little over 60 seconds to get that far. So I sprinted to that point and back down. Well, maybe that's not the truest use of the word sprinted.

Anyhow, today I started off at that hill by running all the way to the top. OK. Maybe jogging all the way to the top. That took around two minutes. I decided the yellow ribbon mark was the point where I'd end most of the sprints up the hill today. I did a total of 11, with three all the way to the top and 8 to the yellow ribbon spot.

On the next to the last run I looked at my watch and saw that it took 67 seconds. No. Not 67 seconds. I was working too hard for that. That's crazy. I was going faster than that.

So I walked/jogged back down the hill and made up my mind that the last one was going to be in a minute or less. And I exploded up the hill. (Well, maybe not exploded, but you know.) Anyhow, when I got up to the top, I looked at my watch and saw that it took me 55 seconds. I was out of breath and bent over, but I was happy. 55 seconds. A whole 12 seconds faster than the last one.

A small victory.

And also, a good bench mark for my next trip out to that hill.


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