Sunday, January 7

Feast of the Epiphany - Seven days

I set my alarm clock for 7 this morning. I got up at 8. Sigh.

I did get in a tough six or seven miles at the nature center. Why I'm running tough miles a week before the marathon, I don't know. Maybe I just went out too hard on those monster hills.

I was mindful, however, not to push too hard. Seems like I read somewhere not to expect any major gains during the taper so I didn't want to be too sore.

And I finished this run in plenty of time to get to church. Little did I know someone would ask me if I could fill in for a missing lector. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Why not?" And I didn't just do the second reading, but I also read the prayers. No stuttering and no misspoken words.

And the point of the sermon on the feast of the Epiphany? Have faith. Look up. Be confident.

That's a message I can take with me to Arizona.


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