Sunday, January 7

Bloggin' changes

You may or may not be aware that I've been a contributor to another blog for a while now. That's Pervious.

Pervious is my friend Jody, mandolin player extraordinaire. When he started blogging, Jody chose the handle Pervious, like a character from the Matrix. However, he dropped the handle to combat anonymity on the internet. Valiant cause, fighting anonymity.

Anyhow, it was great to be invited in as a contributor. Now I've invited in one contributor myself.

Quick history lesson. Originally this blog was called "Running to Infinity." Some links still call it that. However, one friend, a friend more clever than all the rest perhaps, chose to link to my blog and call it "Poetic Feet." At some point, I can't even remember when, I had a thought of how perhaps I wouldn't want to run all the way to infinity. How would I get back, after all?

So I changed the name of my blog to Poetic Feet. Great eh? So my friend veintiuno is introduced as my first contributor. Remains to be seen how much she'll contribute.

Back at Pervious, another friend Elmer Scheid also came on board as a contributor a while back. He hasn't posted yet.

Anyhow, the focus of this blog, I suppose, will remain running, poetry and other random thoughts. We may invite new contributors as well.

We'll see how it all goes.


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