Saturday, October 28

A taste of heaven

Today's run was amazing. Almost a wee bit of heaven. I went out to the nature center to do three times around their long trail. The long trail being only 2 miles the only thing that would have made it better is it was longer.

But I get there as the sun was rising and the fields were absolutely covered with mist. Above the leaves on the trees were golden, red, brown and green. Amazing. Astounding. I can't remember another run quite so beautiful.

It was tough at times also because the nature center is mostly hilly. Also there were deer and squirrels everywhere. The deer are, of course, a bit more amazing than the squirrels because they're bigger. I didn't stop and look at the deer, but there were so many you couldn't miss them. Sometimes they were staring at me. Sometimes they were eating. Sometimes they didn't even know I was there. And sometimes they were running and chasing each other.

And that's a wonderful feeling too. To be just one of the many animals in the forest running around having a great time.


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