Friday, October 27

Numbers roll over

What a long, strange, exhausting week it's been. I definitely get too emotionally involved in those poetry slams. Perhaps I get too emotionally involved in everything.

Sometimes I wish I was pervious, that everything just flowed through me. Not like water off a duck's back. But water through a fish's gills.

Something like that.

How did this week start? I got yelled at over e-mail for not listening. And that's something I almost never get accused of.

No. This week started with a 20-mile run on Sunday morning. Then two days of rest and two days of oversleeping. No, make that three days of oversleeping.

I couldn't go five days without running though. Tonight after work I did five miles in the dark. Five miles in the cold, dark October night. It felt good.

And it brings my total for the year, according to my running log, to 1,002 miles. One-thousand and two miles.

I feel like I've accomplished something.


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